To ensure the highest quality service, each spindle motor we repair goes through a stringent testing process:

  • Dynamic Imbalance Correction: All rotor shaft assemblies are balanced using the Schenck model RSIBU, two plane, horizontal balancing machine, with CAB700R instrumentation. Any rotor shaft imbalance can be corrected to less than 0.5mg/inch per plane, to meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications.
  • Taper Correction: All rotor shaft tapers are inspected and, if needed, internally ground to less than 0.00003"/(0.76um) total indicated run out. This ensures resulting total indicator readings with a new collet of 0.00012"/(3.0um) or less of static run out.
  • Vibration Analysis: After the rotor shaft assembly is balanced and reassembled, a vibration analyzer is used to test overall vibration in mm/s(rms).
  • Dynamic Run Out Analysis: A final test pin run out test is performed using a dynamic optical measurement system capable of spindle speeds up to 300,000 RPM. This device measures pin run out in microns (um). Results are plotted though the units' full operating range. Spindles that exceed original manufacturer's specifications are imbalance compensated to suit.

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